Why should you choose Bertagni?

Bertagni is the only fresh filled pasta producer that makes fresh pasta shelf the real destination for your customers. Bertagni does this in a customized way, working like a tailor, according to the peculiar characteristics and necessities of each client. The growth of our clients is always represented by double digits thanks to our secret that we only share with them and that turns their shelf into a destination for the category.
It is not a pre-packaged recipe but the synthesis of our expertise that starts from the awareness that each customer is unique, but that there are inviolable common denominators if you want to create a strong and safe category over time.
We don’t like shortcuts; we are Pasta makers who believe in hard work and who learn every day by working with the best retailers in the world.
Therefore we have been able to work with the most demanding customers in the world over time.

Quality products

We make good pasta for real, to build healthy categories, which grow over time, always

Cappellacci Pasta Bertagni

Customers come first

We always try to put ourselves in clients’ shoes, we try to understand them, because we know that our success is their success.
We are people who like to dance, not play arm-wrestling because we know very well that, to do a good job, it is essential to be in harmony with the clients and to have to feel like spending time with them to get to know them better, making ourselves available to build something together.


First of all, we are passionate about our work and dream of winning the Nobel Prize for filled pasta one day, for relationships with our customers and for the ability to create categories that become reference points in every market.

Lavorare insieme a noi

Working with us means:
increasing the market share of our customers of fresh pasta in their target markets year after year.

Dealing with people who know what they are doing and do what they know Feeling really proud of what you give to your customer


We make products that are customized and tailored to the clients, but always coherent with our history, our tradition, and our savoir-faire.
We know that each client is different, unique, and our Pasta must feed this uniqueness.

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